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What types of vehicles do you work with?

South Coast Auto Brokers works with all brands of vehicles. Whether you're looking for an economic vehicle, a commercial work truck, or your next super-car.

Do you accept trade-in vehicles or early lease returns?

Yes! We help find the highest bid for your trade-in vehicle by shopping different resources. This ensures you receive the most value for your trade.
Early lease returns are welcome!

Can we lease/purchase a vehicle under our business?

Yes! South Coast Auto Brokers works with all types of businesses interested in leasing or purchasing company vehicles.

Do I need to run my credit?

South Coast Auto Brokers never runs your credit. Once you choose a vehicle you'd like to purchase/lease, the lender will run your credit as part of the final step of your transaction.

What if I have my own lender or purchasing in full?

All credit unions and outside lenders are welcome! We work with all types of lenders and cash transactions.

Why not use an auto buying program or app?

Auto-buying programs and apps are referral programs under contract with specific dealerships.

We shop all the dealerships for the best possible deal with no affiliation.

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