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How To Get The Best Deal on New Vehicles Without Visiting The Dealership!

When it's time for a new car, the most common misconception for getting "the best deal" involves big holidays and the end-of-the-month visit. The truth is the deal you make on your own isn't the best deal...

Every vehicle in-stock at a dealership has an invoice, the cost of the vehicle from the manufacturer. The mark-up between the invoice and MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price) varies from one vehicle to another. The difference is typically the margin dealerships negotiate within to persuade customers they are getting "the best deal".

Better yet, dealerships will convince you they are "losing" money and offer to sell you a vehicle just below invoice... typically when the deal includes factors such as:

- Trading-in a vehicle to the dealership

- Live locally to the dealership

- An offer from a competing dealership

- Financing with the dealership

The truth is the dealership will find ways to make up the difference for discounts offered. After all, they are a business with high operating expenses. Losing money is never an option, so how do you get the best deal?!

Enter South Coast Auto Brokers. A company built by experts with years of experience in the auto industry. Our brokers do not negotiate with any salesmen nor do we hand out a certificate for you to take to a dealership (*cough* costco/truecar). We are legally licensed by the California DMV to obtain wholesale deals for our clients in exchange for a broker fee, if applicable.

How does that work?

SOCO transactions are based on the lowest possible price and includes all applicable manufacturer rebates, dealership incentives, and affiliate program benefits.

Our fleet-based relationship with hundreds of dealerships allows our clients to not only get the best deal, but do it from the comfort of their home/office. No need to waste your day at the dealership, our dedicated brokers will handle the entire process at your convenience!

Simply contact us directly or learn more online

Your New Car is Here.

Rudy Aljabban

South Coast Auto Brokers


Open Daily 9am-9pm

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